Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It is fun to stay at the YMCA!

For like an hour or so. After that it would probably get a little annoying.

So, fears. I'm facing those suckers right and left. Well, no, I guess I'm just facing them, right at 'em. In the face.

I have been completely phobic of any type of gym situation since the beginning of time. I have this completely backwards idea that I should only go to the gym if I look like someone who works out...a lot. I don't pass this burden on to anyone else. Gym it up, friends! But me. No way. It's just never been something that I've been able to do. Working out is front of my TV is plenty humiliating. It's not that I'm completely uncoordinated. I have some grace I think. But as far as coordination with sporty-type things go, I'm kind of lacking. Maybe it's my perfectionist ways, since I doubt there are many people out there who actually look good whilst working out, 80's Olivia Newton John aside.

So, I put my on my big girl pants, strapped Carter in and headed off to The Y. Now, on top of conquering my work out fear, I also droppd my kidster off at the baby gym. This is the first time he's been left with strangers. Big step. I hate to admit it, but it wasn't nearly as hard as facing the gym fear. Lame. I'm lame. Drop off your perfect little creature with complete strangers? No biggie. Engage in healthy physical activity with strangers? Shiver with fear. Literally shiver, since I decided to attend water aerobics. Yes, work a bathing suit. Just thinking about how scary that should have been makes me kinda want a hug. But, BUT it wasn't that bad. Actually, it was completely awesome!

I am one of those people who goes to an organized aerobics class. ME!

Don't go giving me too much credit though. I was the youngest in the class by at least 15 years. This is just fine by me. There are people in the class who have grandchildren older than me. Not even exaggerating. But don't go thinking that it's an easy class. Ho no. No, no, no. My arms fell off and had to be sewn back on. The old ladies completely worked it out and put me to shame. SHAME! One lady, who has a grandson who is 5 years older than me, offered to pick up some underwater dumbbells for me while grabbing some for herself. When she asked waht color I wanted (different colors, different resistance, starting with white and going on to yellow, then blue) I told her white. This woman, who is at least 75, adorable, has a cute accent, and black (I use "black" and not the formal African American. I'm "brown", my husband is "white". We're all the colors of the rainbow. Get on board) turns to me and gives me this "oh, please" look and disapprovingly shakes her head and makes that teeth to tongue clicky noise. I was put in my place by this sweet woman. And the other women are kicking my butt! I love it. So inspiring. Not to mention the instructor, who's my age and looks like one of those women who run and have been fit and skinny their whole little perfect lives. Well, she weighed 300 lbs. I'll spell that out so that is really sinks in....


After I heard this, my 20 extra lbs and I jumped in that pool and quit complaining.

There are lots of stories in this class, which I will dole out in small doses. I especially can't wait to blogossip about the "I'm the honorary instructor" lady. I know you know who I'm talking about. There's one in every class, office, waiting room...everywhere. They want to be the expert, the popular girl, the go-to person, but they're just not. It's just not in their cards. What is in their cards is a bunch of awkward moments and trying-to-hard-ness. I soooo symapthize with these people, because they're just so desperate for something and I just want to feel for them, but they're also soooo challenging. I'm the person that laughs at their awkward jokes and smiles at them a lot, because I just want them to feel better. Then I talk about them in my blog. Two-faced? Evidently. Enjoy.

Carter did an amazing job as well. Of course he did. He's awesome.

Let's see, what else? Oh, well you might notice that my bloggy November goal has been a failure. There's all of these reasons why I didn't blog:

Excuse 1
Excuse 2
Zombie apocolypse
Crawling baby
Kegerator unveiling
Baked Potato Soup
Excuse seventy-batrillion

Oh, well.

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