Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Big Fat Red Felt Heart Wedding!

I'm a bit obsessed with Pinterest. Yeah. Maybe more than a bit. I sooo love it! More so, I'm in love with creating a list of DIY things that I may never get to, but just pinning them to my boards makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. I have actually made a few things, of which I should write blogs about at some point. Most of the things I've made are full of alcohol, or fat. Hey, at least I'm being creative in a non cheesy scrapbook or Michael's addict kind of way.

I'm constantly amazing and inspired by how creative people are on the internets. So, you can imagine my complete shock when I saw not one, but two things that I've created pop up on the ole pinterest boards. Two completely unrelated things that I made, photographed and put out into the world of webs were actually pinned. PINNED! Not even by me.

Oh ego, how you love to be stroked.

Not to sound even more full of my crafty self, but I've had a small amount of people ask me to feature some things from my wedding on my blog (my old blog, not this one). Since one of the things that I came across on Pinterest was my wedding bouquet, I thought I'd take that as validation that my day really was The Shiz and that maybe I should share my wedding love with the internets again.

So, here's the link to the awesome blog that featured the DIY for my bouquet. The lovelies over at LaBelle Bride contacted me after seeing my wedding videos and asked to do a DIY for my bouquet, which I DIY'd or DIMY...Did it myself'ed? Whatever. Well, this is where the pinning started and I have to say I'm so flattered by the people who pinned it! I loved my wedding. LOVED IT! Every second. Every detail. Every, every, every little thing. Perfect day and all that. I especially loved my bouquet because it was born of being broke, being on an island where flowers were sooo expensive it was cray-zay and being a bit environmentally friendly and green and all that.

Also, this video, by SharkPig shows this bouquet in action. I would so love to embed this video, but the internet does not share my adoration and does everything in it's power to thwart my attempts at adding media to my blog. So click, please.

If you look closely, the little fish that is sewn into the center of the bouquet is an antique flying fish charm. There are flying fish in Catalina. Seriously...super cool. Look 'em up and be amazed. Anyhow, I love them. So my mother found me an antique charm, which was my something old and something blue. I know. Too darling. Sometimes I can't believe how perfect this little fish was and that he came to my wedding. Thanks Mom!

So, because it was my favorite day ever, I'm going to discuss this awesome day here on this bloggy blog. There were lots of details and DIY things that happened and I can talk the shit out of 'em. Get ready for some wedding goodness.

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