Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm going to eat this blog

So, I'm on the last few days of a crazy restrictive diet and instead of eating my face, I've been meal planning and pinning the crap out of my pinterest boards. In the past year we've changed our eating habits to pretty low-carb, grain free, sugar free, crap free, blah, blah, blah. This stands true for normal life, but birthdays and parties we throw and "the holidays" don't really care about our big asses and, as such, we eat as we please, which is good for a balanced life and all. I guess?
Anyhow, I was going to blog about my delicious experiment this week, which was also my own little exercise in self-inflicted torture. With all of the pinteresting that I've been up to, I happened to come across many things that have no business in my "real life" meal planning, but had to be pinned and pined over nonetheless. So, I saw these Circus Animal Cracker Cookie Truffles and was like, ahhh bitch, I'm gonna make the shit out of you. Of course, I can't eat these. Not even a nibble. Nada. So, when my friend had pinned the same thing and we later discussed our love for circus animal crackers, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to spoil my preggers pal, get my creative energy out and about, and torture myself with the making of foods that I cannot even taste (this is not the first time I've done this. Not this year. Not even this month). Also, Easter. Decision made. And thus, Easter Egg Circus Animal Cracker Cookie Truffles were born with a very unfortunate name. They effing delicious!!! Yes, I caved and ate a bite. A bite! Well, two bites, since the first one was a taste that I spit out and the second was one I actually ate because my husband was disgusted that I'd waste such a glorious creation. Aren't you initially impressed with my amazing willpower, and then later disappointed in my complete lack of conviction? Yeah, so a bite. I gained a pound. No joke. Actually it was 1.6 lbs. Worth the time, but now I'm in a shame spiral.
So, you might be asking, where are photos of these wondrous little eggs of delight? Well, my camera thinks they're delicious and refuses to hand them over for blog type viewing. That's not true. I just cant find the ipad to photo card adapter. It's one of those things where you take something very important and put it in a "special safe place" and then you can't remember where the eff that place is!?! And I can, like, see it in my head, like it's just out in the open somewhere and I'm totally missing it. Or, it could be one of those times where you see something all the time and think, I must put that somewhere before it gets damaged or lost, and then you don't and then it gets damaged...or lost. Nonetheless, there are no photos here. There are a few floating in the instagram world from people who have had the good sense to photograph them with their iphone before eating them. Feel free to scour the internets for that. I'm sure you will.
This is an on-going post, I guess.
To be continued...
...let me know if you see my adapter.

Photos were freed and posted to their bloggy home, check them out here

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