Wednesday, September 7, 2011

P is for Particle Man

I'm often pretty impressed by technology. Even the old stuff, where old means anything that happened, like, ten years ago. I know, times are a changin' and old technology is the Nokia phones we all rocked in '99. I had a red one, because evidently I was trying my hand at being all mysterious and sexy with my red phone. It didn't stick. I'm much more of a white or black phone gal. I did, however, go through a very ghetto phone stage, during which I got all crazy and had a guy at the swap-meet (yeah, that just happened) outfit my poor little Nokia is clear, blue-tinted cover with a matching battery that lit up in three colors when the phone rang. I'm going to say that again, slowly. The. Phone. Lit. The. Eff. Up.

I still can't believe it happened, but I assure you, it did.

I'm not sure how I got onto the topic of confessing my dirty phone laundry, but I'm sure it has a lot to do with my tendency toward the idea of "omission is lying". I end up confessing things that no one needs to know, but they eat at me. Yeah. So prepare yourself for some random confessions from time to time. Just nod, assign some Hail Marys and send me on my way.

So, the technology I'm impressed with today is satellite radio on my TV. It's been rocking my world for years now, but I'm continually impressed my it's versatility, especially now that I have a baby who needs to expand his musical interests past Reggae. As much as I want little Carter to get up and then follow that with some standing up for his rights and all, I'd like to keep him from growing dreads and shooting sheriffs (even if it's alleged), so balance must be created in his musical education. We've been listening to the little kids station on the TV. It's called The Playground, for those of you who have DirectTV. I'm sure it's the same on other satellite radio stuffs. Anyhow, can I tell you how awesome baby music is?!? Old stuff, new stuff, very little crappy Disney music (the new Disney music that sounds like it belongs in the club), lots of old Disney music (MARY POPPINS, FOLKS!!!) and a bunch of stuff that is quickly becoming my new jams. Mr. Carter has been asleep for 20 minutes and I'm still sitting down here listening to it. Right now they're playing some They Might Be Giants. Awesome. I didn't know that those crazy, possible giants' musical scope went beyond Particle Man, but let me tell ya, they are all over the kidlet music scene. Someone named Casper Babypants is also rocking my world right now. Sweet, sweet grooves guys.

It's a new life I'm living. These are the happenings 'round here.

Before I go, have you listened to Kimya Dawson's kids album? She's the one you heard a lot of on the Juno soundtrack. C and I are loving it. The song about bears, aptly called I Like Bears, has me liking bears more that I realized. Compelling lyrics guys. Look into it. She has another kid-like song that's sort of an ABC song, but I'm not sure it's actually for kids. Oh well, it's good, Carter jams to it, and I'm ok with him growing up under the impression that M is for "monkey-butt". There will be bigger problems in his life, I'm sure, so I'll file this one under "problems that will make us laugh when he's 30".

Yeah, so Kimya Dawson. Quality lady. Quality mom, although I'm guessing she's one of those "no vaccinating" people, but she's probably home-schooling her little one, so I'm not so concerned about that situation spreading. Ugghh. That was negative of me. I shouldn't be all judge-y, but it slips out. Especially since I'm close to being one of those people, which is probably why so many people asked me if we were vaccinating when I was pregs with Carter. Oh well. I could delete, right? Errr....wrong. Omission is lying. See what I mean about this.

Are you rocking out to baby music lately? What's on your baby playlist?

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