Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Year's Resolutions start in February

Right? I mean, we need a month to get used to the idea and have our last hurrah (Ugh, I had that word. What else is there? Whoopty do? I'll come back to that) or whatever it is we're giving up or changing, right? December can't be for that shit. Who has time for anything besides eating and shopping and drinking and watching Christmas Story in December? No, January is where our vices come to hang out one last time, until next January.


February is happening and I'm going to blog. For me. For you, for humanity?!? I'm that interesting and endearing, right?

So that's the plan. I don't know why I'm explaining myself. Oh, that's right, my resolution is to not care so much about what people think of me or that people even care what I do. They don't. Or they do. They like me . Or they don't. Whatevs. I remember this, actually I don't really remember it, but it's something about, stop explaining yourself because the people who require an explanation don't really care what you have to say and the people who think you're awesome don't require an explanation. Or something? Ok, so that's the plan.

Hmmm, this has taken a bit of somber tone, right? I promise to be more endearing in the future. Or not. Shut up.

Also, the TV on in the background had the Jeff Probst show on (is that how it's spelled?). I don't know who he is, but I initially thought it was the guy who hosted Cheaters. It's not. So, there's that.

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  1. A: Yes, you really *are* that interesting and endearing. And nope, we never required an explanation, we just felt the pull towards you and the urge to smile. I look forward to your posts but am imparting zero expectation about timing or volume - I'll just be pleasantly surprised. <3