Saturday, February 2, 2013

Luchadors vs Unicorns: Battle Royale

I love to plan a party. I can tear up a theme party like nobody's business.

*side note: speaking of nobody's business, if you start listening to "none of your business" radio on Pandora, your life will change. You might think I'm crazy now, but after listening, you will think I'm sooo crazy and then you will think you want to have my baby*

So, back to parties. Throwing 'em. I got the skills. My trusty BBFF (of course this is Bitchy Best Friend Forever) and I are like Martha Stewart and her lesser know friend from back in the day who she promptly stabbed in the back, but with out the back stabbing...and we also don't say "herbs" with an audible H sound. We can also get out of hand with the details, but as BBFF recently reminded me as we were pondering the purchase of stuffed unicorns, "we have a reputation to uphold". True. Unicorns, get your horny asses in the cart!

So, right now we are planning two parties. Like, right now, right now. BBFF is FaceTime-ing me from Hobby Lobby and we are discussing rainbow glass bottles and cork sizes. These are the details that we find ourselves discussing. Riveting stuff.

The little man who follows me around most of the time and refers to me as "ma", is turning 2. From what I can tell, he has requested that I throw him a Little Luchador party, and I am happy to oblige. His obsession with Nacho Libre has inspired a deep connection to my Mexican roots and my home has embraced the fine art of Lucha Libre.

Introducing my baby to Mexican wrestling may not have been the smartest idea, which I'm reminded of each time he leaps from the back of the couch onto my head. But nonetheless, he loves Nacho and we will be having a party to cater to his adorable little fleeting interests. When I say that sometimes things get out of hand, I mean that sometimes I entertain the idea of buying a smallish 6' trampoline and setting up a Luchador ring in my living room. You know, as you do. Or inviting mariachis to come by to sing the same song that Nacho sings at the wrestling pros party.

"I am a singing at theee parteee"

That song. Out. Of. Hand.

Also, I'm ruining my child. So stay tuned for that train wreck.

In addition to obscure themed Mexican toddler parties, I'm also planning a party with the BBFF for our other BBFFs, the DSSC (our made up 90's girl group, similar to the Spice Girls and also the beginning of our short lived Catfish careers). It's our 20 year friendiversary and one of our own's going away party. Spice Rack will be leaving us for New York and so, because she is the least crafty, creative one of us (allegedly), we allowed her input in the creation of a theme for a party. She requested unicorns, rainbows and silly straws. Initially, we scoffed at her ridiculous suggestion (especially given my extreme aversion to all things unicorn related, more on that later), but...BUT...the wheels started turning and it's led to this moment. The most incredible theme of our party planning careers.


...and also some Spice Girls.

Because, of course, unicorns vomit rainbows and glitter while simultaneously listening to Viva Forever.

I'll let that sink in a bit.

So, that's what's happening. Glitter is everywhere. Not sure if you know that glitter is The Herp of the crafting world. It's just everywhere and it shows up where you least expect it and it just never goes away.

And then conversations like this are happening.

Are you ridiculously entertained yet? Of course you are.

Guys, I'm bloggin' everyday this month. Super ambitious considering how lengthy the month of February is. Also, I'm quite aware that this is the 2nd and I didn't blog yesterday. But, it's Groundhog Day, so I figure I'll have a chance to catch up tomorrow...or tomorrow...or tomorrow.

Bye, guys! Hope your day is worth repeating!

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  1. Thanks for not stabbing me in the back..... I shall repay you w/ glitter and rainbows...