Thursday, February 7, 2013


Remember that auto-save thingie I mentioned last time? So, I'm still a moron. Another blog bites the dust.
So, I do "stuff", hence the name and also the lack of time to blog. It's tough to blog when you're doing stuff, but I'll get there.
Here's a completely ridiculous, self-indulgent statement for you; I want to record the stuff I do or did so that I can link up to my stuff on Pinterest. I've found three different things that I've done, floating around Pinterest and there's no, "Yella did this shit" to be found.
Zach Morrris Time Out:
Every time I see Yelladoesstuff I think of adult related activies, a la Debbie Does Dallas and various other locales. To clarify, Yella does not to THAT stuff on the blog.
Time in.
The party planning is in full swing, which means lots of trips to random places to find various things. So many places, that yesterday evening when I asked my future birthday boy if he wanted to go "bye-bye", I was met with a definitive, "Noooo".
Between the running around and the constant glittering that's happening, I've been pressed for time and have found myself planning at night. By this I mean I am up at 3 am comparing eleventy billion different types of wooden spoons or tracking down things like oh, lets just say, small milk bottles with a very specific lid. You haven't lived until you find your self perusing a dairy farm's website in the middle if the night trying to rationalize the purchase of a pallet of milk jugs. Sometimes this is the stuff that is done. However, I may have found a solution with Starbucks, which is where most solutions come from. Coffee fixes all things.

I'll let you know how that works out. Also, there will be lots of Vanilla frappucchino going down the drain at my house. I'll save it in a jug for you if you want.
Yet another reason to own a pallet of milk bottles.
And I found (supposedly) non-poisonous Luchadores action figures at the dollar store, because of course I did. Lead-free is the way to be, y'all. I'm wondering if I can paint them in Nacho Libre colors.
This is the "stuff".

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  1. WAIT! Don't pour down drains! I would drink them. stupid.