Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Doin' Valentine's Day Stuff

Now and then I do stuff.

It's this kind of stuff, but stuff nonetheless.

When you're dieting over Valentine's Day and you need to distract yourself from chocolate truffles and champagne, tea can seem pretty exciting. This Yogi Caramel Apple Spice Snack Tea is my friend lately. I think the idea that tea is considered a "snack" is both extremely accurate and depressing. Anyhow, working on some details to lure our minds away from what we're missing and I thought, felt hearts! Felt hearts are my go-to. For everything. Take a trip back to this for more on that business. So, felt hearts make tea more festive and bakers twine makes everything awesome.

No need for step-by-step instructions here, right?

My Valentine's Day wish for you is that you don't have to make tea festive because your face is filled with chocolate. Vosges is our usual Valentine's Day tradition. Do yourself a favor and eat box. Report back in full detail. I fully plan on having a do-over Valentine's Day that will include Vosges in my face.

And I'm off to have a "snack"...

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