Monday, November 7, 2011

Thwarted, yet again.

The plan was to blog. Daily. But, no. Technology, you are a fickle friend.

I am blogging from my iPad since getting upstairs to a computer requires far more time than I have and stairs are somewhat of a issue for the tiny man than follows me around the world these days. So, when my blogging app decided to stop working I did a bunch of nothing about it. Was I mad? Yup. Did I immediately get a new app and follow through with my plans? Nope. Did I eat a bunch of gummy bears and buy a nerdy RPG instead? Maybe. So, I guess I wasn't so mad, but I was planning on blogging everyday for a month. Well...that's sort of a lie. Everyday until Thanksgiving, because lets be honest, I'm going to be too full of fried poultry to discuss the minutia of life to my imaginary audience.

And so, I splurged on a $5 app yesterday to remedy my blog situation and of course I'm already feeling outsmarted by this piece of new technology and thus allowed myself to be distracted by pinterest (and maybe more gummy bears)for a good hour this morning. So, I'm behind already. Defeat. Maybe I'll blog multiple times a day to catch up? My life is really just to full of bloggable situations.


So get ready for some less than compelling stories about nothing. That is my solemn vow to you, non-existent reader of my narcissistic, self-indulgent, oh-so-thrilling bloggy- blog. I will continue to tell stories, ponder on life's complexities and judge my neighbors and you continue to turn all of my questions into rhetorical ones.

Are you ready?

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